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Memory Stick is a removable flash memory card format, originally launched by Sony in late 1998. In addition to the original Memory Stick, this family includes the Memory Stick PRO, a revision that allows greater maximum storage capacity and faster file transfer speeds; Memory Stick Duo, a small-form-factor version of the Memory Stick (including the PRO Duo); the even smaller Memory Stick Micro (M2), and the Memory Stick PRO-HG, a high-speed variant of the PRO to be used in high-definition video and still cameras.

An unsatisfied customer shares his review on amazon, "Buyer beware of compatibility issues regarding card readers and various Sony flash memory series. Video may not play properly on all card readers. Regarding other Sony products I own, I am learning that Sony is becoming notorious for disregarding compatibility and obsolescence issues regarding users' past investments in its products. Sony's recent stock price declines are reflecting the investor's realization of Sony's arrogance regarding consumer preferences. If Sony chooses to continue down this path, it will inevitably be bought out by some Korean upstart more cognizant of consumer needs and less concerned about patting itself on the back for innovation."


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Purchasing Assistant (Temporary Position) says

"There was no advancement in the company. Sony did not pay attention to the employees needs and suggestions. They left the area of New Stanton with so many people unemployed. Cons: No advancement ."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Workers are disposable and replaced regularly without warning. Work environment is hostile because everyone is constantly competing with other brands for sales."

Atención a clientes (Former Employee) says

"Dejar a los empleados hacer antigüedad, tener de gerente o encargado a persona que no tenga favoritismos y que respete a las perdonas que estén a su cargo. Cons: No hay crecimiento, no hay buenas prestaciones"

Technical Support Agent (Former Employee) says

"Zero chance of growing in this company, but what could you expect when all of the jobs available get taken from people who are coming from other departments closing because they have "more experience"."

Sales Representative/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I need more pay, the location was very far, wish they had a closer location to where I live but overall it was okay job. I wish it pay better and but work place was very positive"

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"They don't care about you. They will use you and treat you bad. It's all about who can use who and who's sleeping with who. Management is terrible. They never know what's going on or how to to their jobs."

Venditrice in negozio (Former Employee) says

"Non collaboro più con Sony."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work at. The person in HR screwed her way to where she’s at and screwed everybody else at their job. Largest company in Terre Haute to work for Cons: Not enough blacks working there"

Temp (Former Employee) says

"I was a temp at Sony. Cons: We all know Sony/DADC was lousy."

Production Line Packer (Former Employee) says

"Typical day at work was pushing box's down conveyor system to be loaded onto trucks to be shipped out. Stressful due to rough management team that could care less about anything besides getting the work done as fast as possible. Treated all of us poorly. Cons: terrible management team."

Forklift Operator (Current Employee) says

"Overall very fast pace enviroment very little idle time there is always something to do on a day to day. back stocking product rotating product maintaining a clean enviorment inter acting with coutumers was one of the things i enjoyed being able to help"

Video Account Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Sony PlayStation has a culture issue. They like to blame employees for any mistake. It always is someones fault. If you are looking for a collaborative environment that promotes innovation than you shouldn't work at Sony PlayStation."

Phone Tech Support (Former Employee) says

"Above average performance expected from management with very little compensation and no sick leave or vacation time. Management were not very well trained in how to deal with employee interaction. Cons: Short breaks, short lunches and no benefits"

Assistant Planner (Former Employee) says

"This place is an absolute joke. They no longer make a product that is even relevant. There is no future with this company. Too bad they put all their eggs in one basket with Blu-Ray. They weren't smart enough to figure out the format of a disc is obsolete. Cons: Everything"

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"they didn't have any kids so they would ask you to do outings with them after work or on weekends. I had small kids and didn't want to spend my free time with my employers."

Packer (Former Employee) says

"The people that work there is basically rude and hateful. They send you home early or tell you they don't need you today. Which lowers your paycheck. Alot of people that work there thinks they are better than you. Dirty workplace. Not organized at all."

Pick Packer (Former Employee) says

"Would not suggest working there unless you're prepared to get in trouble because your feet hurt after working 12 hour shifts for 3 days. You also cannot talk to team members, even if it is asking a question about working without the employers complaining Cons: Long hours bad pay for the effort you have to put in"

Sony (Former Employee) says

"Considering only selling tvs, major pressure placed i would expect better from what they say is a market leader. Contacted at all hours about figures, managers placed with little to no experience."

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"when i work at sony it was a ok ok first then it got bad when they did not need me for a couple days and when they did need me they would send me home earily Cons: The Pay"

Shipping Associate (Current Employee) says

"Sony is not a good place to work if you are looking for fairness and stability. Management is a joke and employees are disposable! Cons: Management and their attendance policy with points"

Former Employee - Vice President says

"I worked at Sony Music Entertainment full-time for more than 8 years Cons: The supporting business model is severely eroded and leadership has taken a defensive position that is very risk averse. There is no internal training or cross-department communication that is exacerbated by an organization that is divided into silos. This is a business of relationships, so until you build a network that supports the old way of doing business there is very little chance of growth."

Current Employee - Vice President says

"I have been working at Sony Music Entertainment full-time for more than 5 years Cons: The creative environment is suffocated by onerous business rules, poor IT infrastructure, and a political culture. The industry is in absolute shambles. Recording artists, without exception, are crazy."

Former Employee - Vice President, Marketing says

"I worked at Sony Music Entertainment full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Good employee discount, sometimes. The food is pretty good. Tight security in the building."

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